UNM Translational Informatics Python Cookiecutter

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Cookiecutter template for UNM Translational Informatics Python packages based on the Hypermodern Python article series.


$ cookiecutter gh:unmtransinfo/cookiecutter-unmtransinfo-python \


The template supports Python 3.8 and 3.9.


What is this project about?

This template implements enable current best practices through for Python tooling used in the UNM Translational Informatics Division.

Our goals are:

  • Focus on simplicity and minimalism

  • Promote code quality through automation

  • Provide reliable and repeatable processes

  • Implement UNM Translational Informatics branding

The project template is centered around the following tools:

  • Poetry for packaging and dependency management

  • Nox for automation of checks and other development tasks

  • GitHub Actions for continuous integration and delivery